Saturday, June 19, 2021

Pandemic Push

After being called a “female Alex Jones” one too many times and blocked on Facebook messenger by my best friend of 15 years I decided starting a blog would probably be the best for all in my life! Think I need an outlet before this pandemic pushes everyone away!

Let me start off by saying I don’t sit around watching the news all day waiting for the next bad thing to happen. I just happen to be a nurse who’s been working within the COVID business for what now seems like an eternity! This has created a problem because it seems like it’s all I can focus on! I eat, breathe, sleep Covid and I can’t help it! Luckily Covid is starting to dwindle down but will that help? Has Covid changed everyone forever? Seems to have changed my relationships at least.

I began watching the situation happening in Wuhan January 2020 and told everyone I knew to start preparing then! I was told by friends and family that I was a crazy conspiracy nut! I trusted my gut though and stocked my house with essential items and even made sure to buy my skeptical parents a mask! Everyone was still thinking I’m dumb since of course they all thought something over in China could never effect us like that! Then March hit and boy was I glad I trusted my instincts and I didn’t have to go to battle in the toilet paper war of 2020! 

 Early on in the pandemic nobody knew (or so we thought) what was happening so I started to tell everyone to wear a mask just in case. I guess being in the medical field masks have never bothered me so to me it wasn’t a big deal but how it was life shattering to some. I really started to question the IQ levels of all my friends. I got into major disagreements with friends just to find out later what I was telling them was correct. I’m not the smartest person in the world but I know how to decipher reason and to me playing it safe sounded pretty reasonable.  At this point I really started to learn who I wanted on my zombie apocalypse team! 


I have always questioned everything and trusted only what I saw. Growing up going to Catholic school you learn to do just that. Although I argued with priests over many things in my time, most still thought an inquisitive young mind was a good thing. Or least it was then? But now this mind of mine has started pushing people away! Suddenly it’s not okay to question things or voice your opinions? Heck even the Pope is saying put yourself aside to focus on the greater good? I’m all for the greater good. It’s why I got into the healthcare biz to begin with but there has to be a breaking point! I have to voice my thoughts and opinions otherwise I couldn’t live with the guilt of staying silent! Then again maybe the pandemic pushed away the people that already needed to go.

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