Sunday, June 20, 2021

Deja Vu, Akashic Records, or Pandemic Fatigue?

Anyone else ever just think, why me? For the love of God why me? Although horror is one of my favorite genres I really hate being scared in real life! For the past several years I have been having the weirdest “feelings” or sensations or attacks or I honestly have no idea what to call it! Out of the blue I will start feeling a burning throughout my whole body and then I will know it’s coming. Following this deja vu hits and this sense of impending doom comes crashing in! Anything including the most mundane thing can cause this to happen.

After pouring into the research of deja vu I know that it’s uncommon for it to take place this often with adults! So off to the doctor I went and there they tested me for everything. Blood work, scans, and all day office visit having my glucose check.  Even had a neurologist perform an EEG to make sure everything in this brain of mine is working correctly! Guess what? Showed I had a perfectly healthy brain! Okay so then what the heck is going on with me? What do they do when they can’t find an answer...blame it on anxiety! 

Am I an anxious person? Duh, I’m a freaking millennial! We live in a constant state of anxiety! We are the ones that got to watch the planes hit the World Trade Center all from the comfort of our school desk. Seems like every 30 and 40 something year old I know is on some type of anti-anxiety or antidepressant. Nothing wrong with that at all it’s just a fate that we millennials must face. So a diagnosis of anxiety made complete sense to me! Give me those pills and let’s see what it does! 

Not going to lie but dang did those pills help! I suddenly felt like a new person! Situations that would have previously made me go into a full blown panic attack I would be able to push through now without a problem. Suddenly those major work issues felt like just normal work issues. I thought my problem would be solved! The amount of these weird panic attacks went down but not away! Yes, before you begin wondering I did have my meds upped, switched, and even began seeing a therapist. Still they did not go away!

Since the medical folks just want to chalk it up to anxiety and don’t seem to be that worried I thought it may be time to look for answers elsewhere. So down the rabbit hole I go. Did you know deja vu could be you telling yourself that you are on the right path? Yeah, neither did I! Deja vu is spiritual? Okay I can get down with that! So I start looking into all this and found some interesting stuff. 

I consider myself very well read when it comes to religion but I had never before heard of the Akashic records. Of course I grew up watching the Montel Williams Show after school like most kids of the 90s so when I ran across the name Sylvia Browne it took me back to a much simpler time. Daytime tv’s famous psychic Sylvia Browne had of course been in the headlines recently about correctly predicting the coronavirus pandemic but that was not what I was looking for. I had to sort through all that to find her talk about this wonderful place and magically place, the Akashic records. She’s already passed on to the other side and her predictions are still coming true. I know she has had a lot of haters who say her psychic ability is false but I really hope she is right about this.

Akashic records or Hall of Records is a place that has every thought, feeling, and action that has ever taken place recorded. Okay then; sign me up! How do I get in this place? You know without dying though! Oh wait; I may have already been there! It is said, before we come into this life our soul charts out our journey and that chart is what some call our “Life Chart”. Sylvia believes that we chose our path in this world. Good or bad; we are the ones who pick it! To me that seems crazy because why in the world would I chose some of the things I’ve been through? But just because it sounds crazy doesn’t mean it isn’t real. 

Back to this whole Deja vu thing...some mediums believe that when you experience that feeling of Deja vu it is your soul saying you are on the correct path. After hearing this I wracked my brain trying to remember all the times I had Deja vu to see if this was true. I could think of a few examples where I was going through some life changing moments and Deja vu occurred. So it that just a coincidence or not? I really would not have anyway to tell so all I can do is continue to monitor the situation. Every time I find myself having an episode I will write down the situation.

Yesterday while scrolling the internet after work I came across an article about Covid 19 vaccinations being used as a depopulation method. It was a pretty startling article outlining what the future may look like. Of course there were some conspiracy theories yet to be proven but then again there were lots of facts too. The article spoke about how if you had the vaccine you would be dead within 5 years. Well my whole family and all my best friends have taken this shot! So I start to panic about who I will have left to team up with when the end of the world happens. Luckily I have a significant other who trust my medical opinion to understand the science of what is happening; so at least I still have one person on my team. Do you know how scary that is to think about? So of course deja vu starts to set in as soon as I start to send this article to my mother! 

The impending doom is starting to completely take over and then my mind goes Akashic records! This article has got to be wrong and fake news right? Was it all planned and now the vaccines are being used as a bio weapon?! No, surely that can’t be right! The government would never harm it’s own citizens right?! I guess we should really ask the Tuskegee and Native American folks but surely we know better by now?

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