Sunday, June 27, 2021

Dare To Fight For The Truth

I used to believe I would end up turning into a total badass like Maggie from the Walking Dead if the apocalypse actually happened during my lifetime! Come to find out, it’s not really going as predicted! What did I expect though? I’m your typical girly girl, so much so my nickname in college was “Lipstick” as in lipstick lesbian. Getting introduced by my friends to pretty girls as Lipstick I didn’t mind; considering how dating can be a struggle for nontypical looking lesbians. As for this apocalypse I need to step up my game!  

At least one thing I have going for me in a crisis is that I’m a nurse who can help keep the folks I love alive if something bad occurs. So in early January 2020 while the citizens in Wuhan were crying out for help on Twitter I knew then I needed to start stocking up on supplies. I had always thought our country would come together in a time of crisis just like we had on September 11th. Instead we fought with each other over things from toilet paper all the way up to race issues. We must do better! Like Maya Angelou said when you know better you do better! We must come together now and stop fighting with each other! Proof has come out that this virus was created by gain of function and what if the Wuhan lab did release it on purpose to start a biological war? Don’t let them separate us! This is when we must stand together as a whole! Remember we are American before we are the color of our skin or sexual orientation! 

We also have to understand that the media is a business that is all about keeping their ratings high. Reporters like Ivory Hecker have come out now to tell us the media corporations are censoring reporters talking about the truth. I’m scared that so many people take the news as 100% fact! We are allowing the media to take control and create issues between us so easily now. No matter whether you are a fan of either Fox or CNN, if you take the time to watch a live press conference you will see that whichever President is talking the opposite politically aligned news station will twist and edit to manipulate what was said. I only really discovered this myself after watching every live broadcast of Trump\"s Covid response team live press briefings. I would see them take a clip of him saying something from the conference and use it without the context behind it. They would run with that clip creating some bogus headline from it. So find the time to research those crazy headlines. That may mean you end up on the CDC or NIH websites learning how to understand peer review articles at 2 o’clock in the morning. I know I have spent countless hours going down rabbit holes to find the complete truth. Like me you should try to find the original article or statement before forming an opinion. The more you learn and research the more you keep your brain active and healthy too! 

So onto another thing that is scaring the hell out of me...governments and organizations offering incentives to take these vaccines! Weed, booze, a year worth of meat, and the list goes on and on. Where is the D. A. R. E. program when you need them? Just like growing up, the more I got peer pressured the more it pushed me away. It’s like when that annoying sales person keeps coming back over and over to ask if there is anything they can help with! Don’t be pushy because it’s really just annoying! I will do what is needed for the greater good but I will not be stupid about it! I don’t mind wearing a mask if that is for the greater good because that won’t hurt me. Being a nurse I know the proper way to wear a mask and make sure not to cross contaminate making sure it won’t get me sick and taught my family and friends to do the same. Honestly, I kind of enjoy wearing the masks. You know when you just have to run into the store for a minute you don’t want to waste that expensive foundation so you only have to do your eye makeup or when the girl at work is annoying AF and you don’t have to worry about the facial expressions you could be making. If I wear the proper mask I will keep my germs to myself. That is easy enough! Plus, who knows what virus could be released next so I don’t mind keeping the mask on. Injecting myself with something that has not been approved other than for emergency use… I’ll pass, thanks! 

Luckily, I’m working from home right now and have the luxury of not worrying about being forced into taking this experimental vaccine. My best friend didn’t want to get the shot at all but when his work brought in a vaccine clinic he felt as if he could not refuse. My younger brother who is now about to be a first time father was also pressured from work. They are both males in the age category where this could affect their hearts. I’ll be honest, up until the week before my parents got the vaccine I told them to take it because of my father’s health conditions but when I found out the truth it was too late! I tried stopping my parents immediately once I started really looking into this more closely but their minds were already made up. They believed in Dr Fauci and the science they were being told. Now my father who\"s a heart patient with a pacemaker is having complications and my parents both regret it. I’m worried that my future niece will be growing up without her dad and grandparents.

I implore you all to start researching everything you see on the news. Just make sure before you believe something it is actually correct. Also, if you see something that is wrong, speak up! We have to stick together! This fight for truth and liberty is a fight for us all! It’s disheartening how many things people allow this to happen. For instance, I was discussing these shots and adverse reactions while reading peer reviewed articles to my aunt who is a retired nurse and one of the first to sign up for the shot. After listening to this she finally broke it all down to me like this; “I’ve already taken the damn thing so I’m not going to research it because I can’t take it back. So it is what it is for me!”  How many other vaccinated people know the truth but they won’t speak up because they are complacent because they know it’s simply too late for them? 

So while I continue to work on channeling my inner “Maggie”; I’ll be stocking up on medical supplies, ammo, and survival equipment.  I don’t have a platform to speak out other than here and my inner circle so, not much I can do to change what is going on other than to hope those who read this will start to think about things they see and read a little more carefully.

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