Most believe it’s survival of the fittest but in reality isn’t it just the ability to adapt? So ladies and gents listen up; I don’t think Covid-19 is going to be the last thing they throw our way, so be prepared! Be ready to adapt so you do not get left behind!

I have no doubt that they released this as a bioweapon to definitely kill off a portion of the world's population! Now, who exactly are “they”? Not sure! I remember reading about the world’s overpopulation issue when I was younger and I didn’t become a geoscientist or Greta Thunberg but I understand the concept of overpopulation exceeding Earth's sustainability. So is it really so far fetched that someone could be planning depopulation and then if they get caught use this as a justification? Dan Brown even painted a whole scenario like this in one of his books, the Inferno!

Something happened in that lab in Wuhan whether accidental or not. If it was accidental though you would China would be open to the WHO investigations right? They still are turning down those requests though! One thing then I find kind of odd is that ever since I was in elementary school I remember being taught how China only allows one child per family. I always thought that was so unfair but now they have changed that rule where they can now have up to three children. Interesting timing right?

I belong to several nursing groups where it has turned into a safe place for nurses to come together and talk about what they are seeing currently with Covid. They are saying they are struggling again! This time it’s because they are understaffed! Guess you can imagine why! Nurses don’t want this vaccine! I’m highly concerned about everyone’s safety because all hospitals will be understaffed soon if we don’t stop enforcing these vaccines!

What happened to the ideologies of those like Ben Franklin and the founders of this country? We need to go back to some of those virtues that first started this nation like individual liberty! I understand that people are concerned about those who are immunocompromised being around unvaccinated hospital workers. If that is the case, require those unvaccinated hospital workers to wear full PPE instead. I know personally I would gladly wear full PPE all day long for 12 hour shifts multiple days a week to keep my patients safe! I already had to make the switch as a nurse from bedside care because I am immunocompromised and my allergist, with almost the same credentials as Dr. Fauci, told me not to take the vaccine because of my medications. I asked for the vaccine towards the beginning but was told no by not only him but also my primary care doctor. I realize I may be one of the exceptions to the rule with my health but after hearing so many horror stories from people who are vaccinated and researching the data how can any nurse not be hesitant?

Freedom, liberty, and personal rights was what America was founded on so why are we not standing with these nurses and healthcare workers? I ask you this…nurses and healthcare workers have been the ones taking care of us during this whole pandemic and if we force them out; who will be the ones to take care of the sick then?

BBC China allows three children in major policy shift

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(Great piece someone put together that was shared with nurses but I don't own the rights to this!)